The Forum's objective is to discuss on the potential of advanced technologies and scientific innovation as instruments of dialogue, coexistence, generation of common interests and, therefore, peace.
The presence of international personalities of the first order in different fields has ensured the high-quality level of the Forum.

The forum has been held at the Palazzo dei Congressi and has developed over two days around four themes that are among the pillars of modern society: medicine, energy, water and communications. The program has been particularly interesting thanks to a series of project presentations, discoveries and innovations that have positively influenced the lives of many people around the World, who will also benefit in the future.


With patronange of
Fondazione Umberto Veronesi

With patronange of Comune di Lugano

With patronange of Consiglio di Stato
della Repubblica e Cantone Ticino

Friday May 27th 2016

Moderators Dr. D.Levi, Prof. G.Broggi, A.Bradanini, T.Brooks

9.30 am
Welcome from the authorities

10.00 am
Prof. Franco Cavalli, Chairman Oncology Bellinzona
“Role of Foundations in problem solving of social problematics of humanity”

10.30 am
Dr. Daniel Levi, President of High Tech for Peace Foundation
“High Tech for Peace Foundation”

10.45 am
Dr. Michele Gentile, Economist G&JSA
“What are the economic impacts of Water, Energy, Comunications and Medicine. Are they really a true opportunity for peace?”

11.15 am
Dr.ssa Giulia Ferrante, member of "Friends of Earth Org. Denmark"
“The impact of climate changes in mass migration of people: the example of Bangladesh”

11.30 am
Coffe Break

Moderators Dr. D.Levi, Dr. B.T.Provera, Ing. O.Primin, T.Brooks

11.50 am
Prof. Oleg Primin, Government of The Russian Federation
“Drinking water in Russia: problems and solutions”

12.20 pm
Dr. Bruno Tronchetti Provera, graduated in chemistry, International Entrepreneur, International Expert on Water Pollution and Depuration
“Water pollution: what are the dimensions of the problem? What are the solutions?”

12.50 pm
Dr. Isidoro Giorgio Lesci
“Asbestos in drinking water and human health safety: an update”

1.20 pm
Lunch Break at Bar Mary

Moderators Dr. D.Levi, Prof. F.Cavalli, Prof. M.Periti, Prof. G.Broggi, Dr. T.Malcom

2.10 pm
Prof. Pasquale Ferrante, University of Milano
“Emerging infections: the interplay between environment, microbes, technology and human beings”

2.30 pm
Prof. K.Khalili, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
“Gene editing strategy for elimination of HIV/AIDS and other virus causing diseases in human”

3.00 pm
Prof. Valentino Gantz, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA
“Gene Drive strategies to fight vector-borne diseases”

Saturday May 28th 2016

Moderators Dr. D.Levi, A.Lisenkov, A.Bradanini

9.30 am
Aisa Mijeno, CEO SALt Corp.
“Grassroots Innovation for Social Impact: how SALt will bring Positive Change to Rural Island Communities”

10.00 am
Andrey Lysenkov, Owner of the Swiss company ECSCO AG
“Intermodal transport in new energy development. Ecology and types of clean fuel”

Moderators Dr. D.Levi, Prof. G.Broggi, Prof. G.Giudici

10.30 am
Oleg Bovolsky, Art Accademy of the University of Moscow
“How do the art and the cinema affect the world and connect people”

11.00 am
Anil Nanda, Department of Neurosurgery at LSU Health Sciences Center at Shreveport
“Medicine at the Intersection of Science and Spirituality”

11.30 am
Enzo Giangregorio, the Meridiana
“Telemedicine and Teleassistance as survival tools in difficult areas of Earth”

12.00 pm
Dr.ssa Marina Marushevskaya, Telemedicine Center of Moscow
“Practical implementation and potential of tele-medical technologies in effort to unite medical professionals in the world”

12.30 pm
Giovanni Broggi, High-Tech for Peace Foundation Scientific Manager
Conclusions and future perspective of the Foundation

1.00 pm
Authorities, the Executive Committee, the Scientific Committee
Assignment of the High Tech For Peace Prize

1.30 pm
Lunch at Bar Mary